How do I register as a member?

Registering as a member is easy.. simply go to the top menu of the EventSingles website and click ‘Register//Login’.

How do I edit my profile?

Once you have logged in to your profile account, go to the top menu of the EventSingles website and click My Profile > Edit. Here you will be able to adjust your details as well as upload an up to date profile photo.

How do I reset my login password?

To reset your login password go to the login page, click on the ‘Lost your password’ link and enter your username or email here. Failing that if you still do not receive an email which could be due to email blocking.. do not worry.. you can send us a message via our contact page and we will put you through to our dedicated ‘Profile Account’ team.

Attending An Event

How do I book a ticket to an event?

To book a ticket to an event you will need to first visit our ‘Events‘ page. Here you can choose an event either by month/list and purchase your ticket in the event description.  *Please remember that you need to be a registered member before you purchase your ticket.

Do I need to print out an event ticket?

We always advise that you bring with you your purchase receipt with your order number as confirmation for your ticket.  That way the event host can verify you as a confirmed customer and you can enjoy the event with peace of mind.  *Please note – Each event hosted is different and you should read carefully the host’s event description before attending.  By purchasing a ticket to an event, you are agreeing to the terms of that event in full.

Can I request a refund if I cannot make an event?

Each event organiser that lists and hosts an event on the EventSingles platform should have their own terms and conditions as well as their own ‘Refund‘ Policy.  If you are unsure of an events refund policy, we advise that you contact the host of the event directly for any questions.  EventSingles do not take any responsibility for any third party hosted events listed on the website.  Events that are not listed and hosted by the EventSingles Team, take full responsibility of their listed and hosted event in its entirety.


How do I filter my search?

Easy one.. on the ‘Member Directory’ page click on the button that has 3 horizontal lines, top right (upside down triangle). This will bring up the ‘Filter Members Directory’ where you can convey a more detailed search.

How do I add a profile photo?

Ahh yes.. now this is something which is unfortunately down to the internet browser that you might be using.  If you are using ‘Microsoft Edge’.. then we advise not to because we find that Microsoft Edge is a little sketchy in parts.  Try uploading your profile photo using another internet browser and you should be fine 😀

How do I search for more members?

Searching for members based on search categories can be achieved by selecting the ‘Last Active’ drop down on the ‘Member Directory’ page I.e. ‘Newest Registered’ or Alphabetical’.

How do I send someone a message?

This one is super simple.. all you need to do is go to Community > Members Directory and after filtering the type of person you wish to speak to simply click on the ‘Speech Bubble’ which is shown on their profile photo and you will be able to construct a direct message with that person.

How do I add someone as a friend?

Much like how you would send someone a private message, you would need to go to Community > Members Directory and after filtering the type of person you wish to speak to simply click on the ‘Heart’ shape symbol which would send that member a friend’s request.

How to reactivate a hidden group?

If you are subscribed to the ‘List Your Own Events‘ price plan you will notice that after your free ‘Event Group‘ has been created for you, the group has x3 options.  If you choose the option ‘This is a hidden group‘, your group will be hidden from all members including yourself.  If at any stage you wish for the group to be unhidden you can request this by messaging the EventSingles ‘Admin‘.  The only time that your group will be hidden without you choosing this option is when you have cancelled your ‘List Your Own Events‘ subscription.  To reactive your group you will need to sign back up to this price plan and purchase the ‘Group Reactivation‘ option via our ‘Add-On’s‘ page.


Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! We occasionally offer approx 25% discount for our ‘Monthly’ price plan subscription service. There may be other temporary discounts available in the near future. Please check for this inside the service.

Will you renew my subscription automatically?

Your subscription will only be renewed automatically if you are signed up to our ‘Monthly’ price plan package.

Can I request a refund?

Refunds are only given to ‘Monthly’ subscriptions for members who send a ‘Subscription Cancellation’ request via our contact page no later than 24 hrs of the next month subscription start date.

Can I change my price plan later on?

Absolutely!.. you can upgrade to our recurring monthly price plan & save approx 25% per month. If you want to downgrade your subscription you have the option to do so via the ‘My Account’ page in the top menu once logged in.

Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

Sure.. once you are logged in simply go to the top menu and select ‘My Account’. Here you will be able to change or cancel your subscription here. Alternatively if you are still having issues you can contact us via our contact page where a member of our team can assist.


Do you offer support if I need help?

Yes! We offer Grade-A customer support which is extremely important for a quality service, that’s why we do our best to resolve any issues you may encounter as soon as we can. To submit your questions please contact us via our contact page.. Thank You 😀

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